Dr. Emily Andrews Physical Therapy

A Unique Approach To Physical Therapy

Dr. Emily Andrews, PT, DPT, MS, LMP, CCSI

Your potential is my passion! I'll put my two decades of clinical experience to work and lead you to an improved quality of life. Whether you're a working parent trying to juggle your busy household, a professional athlete with rigorous physical demands, coping with a congenital imperfection, or an older adult trying to keep up with your grandkids, I believe your body should withstand your lifestyle. That nagging twinge in your shoulder when you play catch? Pain in your foot after a morning walk? Aching back after roughhousing with your dog? Fingers go numb when you work? I've got solutions! And they're probably easier than you think. So come on, let's discover your potential and let me lead you to a better life.

My experience ranges from pioneering geriatric wellness in the Pacific Northwest to treating professional athletes, to helping people regain function after a stroke to treating orthopedic injuries, to teaching future clinicians as a university professor. Most recently, I've learned the challenging and rewarding work of treating patients who've been severely burned, managing wound care and restoring functional mobility. I've helped thousands of patients and I can help you, too.


Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, hiking, and any excuse to get out on the water. I'm currently earning my private pilot's license when time and weather conditions allow. "Blursed" (simultaneously blessed and cursed) with an active mind, I'm constantly looking for creative and innovative solutions to problems and usually have at least one project in progress.

Dr. Emily Andrews Physical Therapy